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Pinhole Grafting

Gum Grafting in Columbia, SC

At McKenzie Periodontics, our mission is to make it easy to maintain healthy gums by providing convenient, effective periodontal treatment in a welcoming office environment. Our Columbia periodontist, Dr. Gregg McKenzie, is a highly-experienced periodontal specialist and can provide a wide range of periodontal treatments in the comfort of our office. We strive to make treatment convenient for our patients, which is why we're proud to offer pinhole grafting: an alternative to traditional gum grafts.

About Pinhole Grafting

Gum recession is a common problem, and the exposed tooth roots caused by gum recession increase the likelihood of dental decay and cavities. Traditionally, gum grafts have been used to repair receding gums and prevent infections – but the traditional gum grafting process is difficult and requires a significant recovery period.

Pinhole grafting is a safer, faster, and more convenient alternative to traditional grafts. By using a different procedure to repair the gumline, pinhole grafting offers a number of advantages to patients:

  • Faster procedure
  • No scalpels and no stitches
  • No need to take donor tissue from the palate
  • Faster, more comfortable recovery
  • Natural-looking, long-lasting results
  • Medication is often unnecessary during recovery

The Difference Between Pinhole Grafting & Traditional Gum Grafts

Pinhole grafting works by using a different procedure to repair the gumline. Instead of removing donor tissue from the roof of the mouth and attaching it to the gums, pinhole grafting works to restructure existing gum tissue, then support that tissue as it grows to replenish the lost gumline. In all, pinhole grafting is a faster, more comfortable, and safer procedure that accomplishes the same or better results. It requires no extensive surgery, no donor tissue, and no stitches.

How Does Pinhole Grafting Work?

Pinhole grafting is a simple procedure that we can perform in our office in about 30-45 minutes. The process goes like this:

  • First, Dr. McKenzie will make a tiny, 0.1-inch pinhole incision in the gum tissue above the affected area.
  • Using specialized instruments, your Columbia periodontist will expand and reposition the gum line, gently restructuring the gum tissue to cover exposed tooth roots.
  • Once the gum tissue is in the proper place, Dr. McKenzie will inject a special collagen filler to provide support and structure to the gum tissue. This collagen will promote healing and growth in the gums, allowing them to naturally recover the tissue lost through recession.

For a more detailed explanation of pinhole grafting, watch the video below:

Schedule a Consultation for Gum Grafts in Columbia, SC

While traditional grafts are still effective, pinhole grafting provides a more convenient, comfortable option with the same results for most patients. If you're suffering from receding gums but are worried about the difficulties of grafts, pinhole grafts may be an excellent option for you. Contact us today to learn more about pinhole grafting and schedule a consultation. We can't wait to hear from you!