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Proper Periodontal Maintenance Procedures

if you’re currently undergoing periodontal treatments or procedures, you probably recognize that proper periodontal maintenance is an integral component of combating gum disease. Much like other chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, constant monitoring by your periodontist is necessary to ensure that the disease stays inactive. While initial treatments will help stabilize and even slow the spread of gum disease it will never be cured, and this is why performing proper maintenance is such an essential part of your oral care routine for as long as you have teeth.

What to Expect From Your Periodontal Maintenance Appointment

Just as regular brushing and flossing helps prevent the buildup of tartar on your teeth, following proper periodontal maintenance procedures will improve the health of your gums. After undergoing periodontal treatment we recommend routine periodontal cleanings about four times a year. This allows your periodontist to examine the depths of your periodontal pockets and remove any plaque or tartar present along the gum line. Your maintenance appointment will typically include the following:

  • Diagnostic X-Rays (This allows us to thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums and spot any areas of concern such as cysts, tumors, bone deterioration, or decay)
  • Tooth Decay Inspections (We’ll provide a thorough examination of your teeth in search of signs of decay)
  • Restoration Inspections (We’ll make sure any crowns, fillings, or bridges are in good shape)
  • Screenings for Oral Cancer (We’ll look for any signs of cancer in your mouth, lips, neck, and face)
  • Teeth Cleaning/ Polishing (We’ll polish teeth on an as-needed basis to remove stains or plaque)

Proper Maintenance Both at Home and In-Office

While visiting us regularly throughout the year for periodontal maintenance will dramatically improve your overall oral health, it is essential that you do your part at home as well. By maintaining proper brushing and flossing procedures and keeping up with regular dental visits, you can keep periodontal disease at bay and dramatically improve your smile at the same time. For more on proper periodontal maintenance methods or to schedule a visit, contact the office of Gregg W. McKenzie, DDS, at (803) 788-0900.