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Occlusal Adjustment

Occlusal ImageWe at McKenzie Periodontics strive to go above and beyond when it comes to giving all of our patients healthier smiles. As your Columbia, SC periodontist and team, we aim to offer more than just traditional oral and dental care and treatments for our patients. One lesser known way that we can help our patients attain a healthier smile is through our occlusal adjustments.

What Is an Occlusal Adjustment?

An occlusal adjustment is used to correct malocclusions (bad bites) where the jaws don’t properly meet together when biting. Malocclusions can be developed naturally while the permanent teeth are erupting or they may even occur because of an accident or injury. It’s also possible for dental restorations, such as fillings, veneers, or crowns, to cause the malocclusion as well.

How Do I Tell If I Have a Malocclusion?

The most obvious way to tell that you have a malocclusion is if you believe that your teeth aren’t resting properly when your mouth is closed. For example, if your upper teeth rest behind your lower teeth, you have an underbite. If your upper teeth overlap your bottom teeth considerably, you have an overbite. Unfortunately, not all malocclusions are easy to spot and you may have to rely on noticing symptoms to recognize that you have a malocclusion. These include:

  • Popping noises of a jaw joint
  • Pain and stiffness while chewing
  • Jaw or face pain
  • Problems with speech
  • Breathing problems
  • Headaches

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If you think you may have a malocclusion or you’d just like to get a checkup, we recommend scheduling an appointment with your Columbia, SC periodontist by giving us a call at (803) 788-0900. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to hear from you!