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Occlusal Adjustment

In the case that the upper and lower jaws do not meet together accurately when biting, an occlusal adjustment is needed. This adjustment will correct the minor imperfections that are causing the jaws from properly closing.
The minor malocclusion can be caused naturally while permanent teeth are erupting, whether from an injury or accident or natural development over time. Dental restorations, such as fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers and/or extractions, can cause the imperfections as well.

When the jaws do not correctly align, one can have muscle fatigue and teeth grinding. These two issues can then cause the patient to experience severe headaches and jaw joint pain.

How can I tell if my jaws don’t align properly? How will it be corrected?

If the jaw joint (TMJ) makes a popping noise or if one side of the mouth opens more than the other, there is a possible malocclusion. Dr. McKenzie will examine both the bite and the jaws at a consultation appointment. If there is a misalignment of the jaws, he will use an occlusal adjustment technique to even out the contact of the upper and lower jawbones, thereby correcting the bite.