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At Gregg McKenzie DDS, it’s our aim to provide each and every one of our patients with a healthy, lifelong smile. We offer a wide range of advanced dental, periodontal, and laser treatments to help heal any of a patient’s oral health problems. We’re even glad to help with a variety of seemingly non-oral health problems due to their connection with oral health. While it may not seem like it, there’s actually a link between diabetes and a patient’s oral condition where one can affect the other.

What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease that develops because of high glucose in the blood. Glucose, commonly referred to as ‘blood sugar,’ is essential to the body. The reason why it’s so vital is because it’s a significant source of energy for cells that make up the tissues and muscles. It’s also the main fuel source for the brain. However, excessive amounts of glucose can lead to serious health problems and complications.

How Does Diabetes Relate to Oral Health?

While people don’t usually associate diabetes with oral health, the truth is that these two are actually very entwined. If a diabetic doesn’t have his or her blood sugar levels regulated, it’s possible that periodontal disease will develop. Diabetes will affect the white blood cells, which lowers the body’s defense system against bacteria and infections. Symptoms and side effects of this include dry mouth, inflammation of the gums, and slower healing wounds. These complications can make it easier for periodontal disease to develop in a diabetic.

Periodontal disease can also make it harder for a diabetic. Periodontal disease will actually increase the glucose in the blood and make the glucose levels harder to control. In addition, periodontal disease will affect a patient’s metabolism, which also makes it harder to control the glucose levels. If the glucose can’t be controlled, the patient is at risk for developing a variety of additional diseases and illnesses that include glaucoma, neuropathy, and high blood pressure.

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If you’re a diabetic or you believe that you have periodontal disease, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us for a periodontal evaluation. You can give us a call at (803) 788-0900 to schedule your appointment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments, questions, or concerns. We look forward to helping you become an even healthier you!